1. Scope and validity of the terms

1.1. The Terms and Conditions apply to the legal relations arising between the person (hereinafter the Customer) and the owner of the shopping environment www.myndi1pood.ee (hereinafter the e-shop) Mündipood OÜ (hereinafter the Seller) when purchasing products via the e-shop.

1.2. In addition to these terms and conditions, the legal relations and conditions arising from the purchase of products through the e-store are regulated by the legislation in the Republic of Estonia.

2. Products

2.1. Product prices are in euros.

2.2. Product prices and availability can change without notice.

2.3. Myndipood.ee sells coin collecting accessories, numismatic silver and gold coins.

2.4. The actual color of the products in the e-shop may differ slightly from the one in the pictures, as the display of colors depends on the settings of each monitor.

3. How to choose goods from the Myndipood.ee e-shop

3.1. Select the appropriate category and browse the products. When you find a suitable product, place the product in the shopping cart.

4. Shopping cart

4.1 The shopping cart will give you an overview of the products you have selected and their total cost. After adding the product to the shopping cart, you can choose other products from the e-shop. When you have finished selecting products, you can enter the shopping cart by clicking on the word “SHOPPING CART” at the top right of the page. Entered the shopping cart, check the selected products.

5. Ordering and payment

5.1. To place an order, open the shopping cart, enter the required contact information, select the delivery method, agree to the terms and conditions and confirm the order. After entering the information and confirming the order, the purchase is considered completed.

5.2. Products can be paid for via bank links, PayPal or direct transfer. Estonian bank links are provided by Maksekeskus AS.

5.3. Mündipood OÜ is the chief processor of personal data. Mündipood OÜ forwards the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized processor Maksekeskus AS.

5.4. When paying via a bank link, please be sure to press the “BACK TO MERCHANT” button so that the information on the bank payment reaches our system immediately and the purchase takes effect. The sales contract is considered concluded when we start fulfilling the order and the money has been received in the current account of the Seller by the payment order made by the Customer.

5.5. The customer undertakes the obligation to provide true information necessary for fulfilling the order when placing the order. Mündipood OÜ is not responsible for non-fulfillment / delivery of the order due to incorrect data provided by the Customer or any consequences thereof.

6. Delivery of products

6.1. We will post the ordered goods no later than within 3 working days of the purchase.

6.2. The products are delivered to the Customer via Omniva parcel machine or by other means as per the agreement.

6.3. We deliver products to all Estonian Omniva parcel machines. By individual agreement, we also deliver to other countries, and use other delivery solutions.

7. Warranty

7.1. Mündipood OÜ is responsible for the compliance and defects of the products sold in the e-shop. If you have any problems, please write to myndipood@myndipood.ee for further instructions.

7.2. The warranty does not cover products and parts that are worn, broken by excessive force or broken by falling.

7.3. The warranty does not cover parts that are naturally worn during use.

8. Right of return

8.1. The customer has a 14-day right of withdrawal from the e-store upon receipt of the goods (hereinafter 14-day right of return) in accordance with the terms and conditions below.

8.2. By purchasing from the e-shop, the Customer agrees to the following conditions for exercising the right of return:

8.2.1. The returned goods must be undamaged.

8.2.2. To use the right of return, submit return application to the e-mail address myndipood@myndipood.ee within 14 days of receiving the goods.

8.2.3. Upon withdrawal from the contract, the purchased item must be returned immediately (but not later than within 30 days). The Seller undertakes to return the amount paid by the Customer immediately (but not later than within 30 days) upon receipt of the notice of withdrawal.

9. Liability and force majeure

9.1. The Seller and the Customer shall be liable to each other for the damage caused to the other party by the violation of these terms and conditions in the cases and to the extent provided by the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.

9.2. The Seller shall not be liable for damages caused to the Customer or for the delay in the delivery of the product if the damage or the delay in the delivery of the product is due to a circumstance which the Seller could not influence, did not foresee or could not have foreseen (force majeure).

Coin shop wishes you a pleasant shopping in our e-shop!