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  • • Comprehensive presentation of all coins, banknotes, and official circulation coin sets since the    introduction of the euro.
    • Summary of all European 2-euro commemorative coins
    • Detailed compilation of euro banknotes
    • A brief historical overview of the introduction of the euro
    • With coloured illustrations and many technical details (e.g. year of issue, mintage,  material, weight,
    diameter / size, valuation in euro)
    • Scope: approx. 770 pages

    The EURO catalog from LEUCHTTURM provides a comprehensive presentation of all coins, banknotes and official circulation coin sets since the introduction of the euro in the respective countries. In addition, the book provides detailed information on the coins, a summary of all 2-euro commemorative coins as well as the marking of cross-country European issues. A new edition of the catalog is published annually on December 1st in which all coins known up to the editorial deadline are taken into account and mintage of earlier issues have been updated.
    Colored illustrations, which make the finding of the pieces easier, the updates as well as a favorable price make the work an indispensable reference work for every collector of euro coins.

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  • Do you want to measure, examine or encapsulate your coins? Or would you rather put your newly acquired stamps “under the microscope” or sort them into a stockbook or album?

    This soft, heavy-duty mat provides ideal working conditions and protects tabletops as well as your collectors’ items from scratches and stains: The top of the work mat is made from a smooth, fuzz-free material. The underside is rubberized and is therefore extremely non-slip. Additionally, the mat can be cleaned with clean, warm water and is very compact when rolled up.

    The BASIS work mat can also be used for a wide range of other activities, such as when making repairs, improving and maintaining models, watches and pieces of jewellery and when examining and dealing with minerals, fossils, precious stones, etc.
    Furthermore, due to the fact it features a single-colored surface, rather than a distracting photo background, the work mat puts your precious items into the limelight.
    Overall size: 500 x 350 x 2 mm

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  • Triangle stand made of highly transparent plastic for coins, medals, capsules etc. Size: 38 mm high, 29 mm wide.

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  • Can be reset to zero in any setting. Select between mm and inches. 6-place LCD display, incl. battery.

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  • Magnification 10 x
    Lens diameter 18 mm
    1 LED
    Battery operated (battery incl. / 2x3AG12)

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  • Made from clear hard PVC film, free from chemical softeners. Coin pocket for 1 coin, 50×50 mm.

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  • Practical pocket size, LCD display, foldaway, easy handling, automatic switch-off, effective range= 0.01 -50 g

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  • Lens diameter 50 mm, 1.50 dioptre, spherical, gold-plated frame with rosewood handle.

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  • High-quality glass lens, lens diameter 40 mm, metal (chrome-plated) lens frame, genuine leather slide-pouch. Image without edge distortion.
    Overall size (closed): 83x57x16 mm

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  • This cleaning bath is also suitable for brass, nickel or bronze.

    Cleaning baths with high-quality substances for instant and gentle removal of oxidation on coins.

    How it works: Submerge coins for some minutes into the bath (the duration depends on the used cleaning bath and the level of oxidation; for more details, please read the instructions of the specific product), afterwards rinse thoroughly and gently pat dry with a soft cloth (do not rub!).
    With child-safe lid. Contents 7 Fl oz (150 ml).

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  • This very finely woven coin polishing cloth will make your coins shine again. The polishing cloth is impregnated to make heavy dirt and tarnishing disappear with easy rubbing. Also suitabale for cleaning jewellery and cutlery. Product is not washable. We do not recommend polishing for “proof” or “proof-like” coin imprints. In order to preserve their condition, these types of coins should remain untouched.

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  • The LED magnifying glasses MONOKEL are perfect for activities which require both hands. Check and recognize details that are not visible to the naked eye, i.e. any deviations from the original, minute details or damage. Comes with 4 interchangeable lenses in different magnifying strengths: 10x, 15x, 20x and 25x. The magnifying glass unit for viewing the object can be moved sideways and folded upwards, meaning that it can be adjusted to fit the face width of the wearer. Features a movable LED lamp fixed to the side of the magnifying unit. For best results, we recommend keeping a distance of approx. 0.5 to 3 cm (3/16 to 1 1/4″) between the viewed object and the lens (depending on the lens attached). Incl. batteries (3x LR1130).

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