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  • Country – Tuvalu
    Year – 2024
    Face Value – 50 Cents
    Metal – Silver .9999
    Weight –1/2 oz
    Size – 32.60 mm
    Quality – Proof
    Max mintage – 7500 coins
    The ancient lunar zodiac comprises 12 animal signs, each said to bestow desirable characteristics on those born under its influence. According to tradition, dragon babies will likely be blessed with bravery, persistence, intelligence, and good fortune. The coin depicts a delightful coloured illustration of a cute dragon – or hatchling – draped in bunting. The Chinese character for ‘dragon’, the inscription ‘Year of the Dragon’ and The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark are also incorporated into the design.

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  • Denomination (TVD) – 2
    Fineness (% purity) – 99.99
    Weight (g) – 62.213
    Diameter (mm) – 45,6
    Thickness (mm) – 6.5
    Mintage – 3,000

    The antiqued coin incorporates a 24-carat gold-plated Christmas stocking. Included in the surrounding artistry is a tree, wreath and garlands adorned with coloured baubles and ribbons, as well as a stocking, snow globes, gift-wrapped boxes, sleepy pets, and refreshments for Santa on his busiest night of the year. Also to be found in the design is The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark.
    The coin bears The Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Obverse, featuring the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy supplemented with the dates of Her Majesty’s reign. The coin’s weight, purity, monetary denomination, and year-date encircle the image of a Christmas wreath.

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  • Country – Australia
    Year – 2024
    Face Value – 1$
    Metal – Silver .9999
    Weight –1 oz
    Size – 40,6 mm
    Quality – Proof
    Max mintage – 6000 coins

    The coin portrays a coloured representation of a dragon with water cascading from its mouth, stylised waves, and a flaming pearl, a symbol of wisdom. Included in the design is the Chinese character for ‘dragon’, the inscription ‘DRAGON 2024’ and a ‘P125’ mintmark signifying The Perth Mint’s 125th anniversary.

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  • The 2023 set issued by Suomen Moneta contains all circulation coins from 1 cent to 2 euros. In addition, a 2-euro commemorative coin: Finland’s first nature conservation law of 1923.
    Edition of the set: 2,000 pcs

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  • •Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated
    •Issue limit: 7 000
    Issued by Bank of Lithuania
    It contains the new €1 and €2 coins, 8 coins.

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  • Year 2023
    Metal Silver
    Silver Content (Troy oz) 1.000
    Monetary Denomination (AUD) 1.00
    Fineness (% purity) 99.99
    Minimum Gross Weight (g) 31.107
    Maximum Diameter (mm) 32.60
    Maximum Thickness (mm) 6.10
    Maximum Mintage 5,000
    Finish Proof, High Relief, Coloured
    Legal Tender Australia
    Effigy Jody Clark design of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II
    Designer Ing Ing Jong

    The Perth Mint’s signature coin series portrays annual designs of our most emblematic animal. Tens of millions of these fascinating marsupials known for their pouches and bounding motion live and breed in vast swathes of Australian desert, forest, and bushland habitats.

    Memorial Obverse
    This coin portrays the official Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Obverse, featuring the Jody Clark effigy supplemented with the dates of Her Majesty’s reign – ‘1952 – 2022’.

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  • Nominal value 3,88 euro
    Mintage 11.500

    As culture carriers and a means of communication, coins function as a sort of time capsules. The Annual Sets The Netherlands from 2023 are therefore linked to (inter)national and personal milestones of this year. From 2022 to 2025, the Annual Sets from the National Collection® are devoted to the four elements: earth, water, air and fire. In nature, these elements are linked to the seasons that determine our annual rhythm.

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  • Perugino mainly worked in Florence and Rome, including on the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel.
    Mintage: 67 000 coins

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  • Antonio Canova 1 November 1757 – 13 October 1822) was an Italian Neoclassical sculptor, famous for his marble sculptures. Often regarded as the greatest of the Neoclassical artists, his sculpture was inspired by the Baroque and the classical revival, and has been characterized as having avoided the melodramatics of the former, and the cold artificiality of the latter.
    Mintage: 55 000

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  • Mint: Monnaie de Paris
    Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated
    Issue limit: 25 000
    Series Euro of the coins to legal course of France 2023. 8 coins BU in original folder.

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  • Nafplio is a coastal city located in the Peloponnese in Greece and it is the capital of the regional unit of Argolis and an important touristic destination. Founded in antiquity, the city became an important seaport in the Middle Ages.
    Mintage: 7500 pcs

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  • Mintage year: 2023
    130 years of Art Nouveau in Belgium
    In 1893, architect Victor Horta put the finishing touches to the Tassel House. In doing so, he gave the starting shot of Art Nouveau in Brussels. The imposing façade, the sumptuous stained-glass interiors, the decorative mosaics and the swirling wrought iron soon left their mark on the architecture of the late Belle Époque. Nature, in particular, was an important source of inspiration for Art Nouveau, illustrated by the generous use of plant and floral motifs and numerous bird images.
    Mintage: 75,000 pcs BU

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Showing 1–12 of 356 results