Winged Victory 2021 1oz Silver Proof High Relief Coin

Winged Victory 2021 1oz Silver Proof High Relief Coin


Country Australia
Face Value 1 Dollar
Year 202
Material Silver
Purity 99.99
Mintage 3000
Diameter 32,60 mm
Quality proof
Weight 31.107g

In Greek mythology, Nike was invited to live on Mount Olympus by Zeus, the king of the gods, as a reward for being his charioteer during the Titan War. Guiding Zeus’s horses through the battlefields, she is said to have bestowed fame and glory in the form of laurel wreaths on his victorious army. Since classical times, artists have often portrayed Nike as a winged figure symbolising victory in both war and peaceful competition.

The coin’s outstanding high relief reverse depicts Nike in Art Deco style. Honouring an unseen hero with a victory laurel in the palm of her right hand, Nike’s muscular figure is enveloped in a beautifully symmetrical representation of feathered wings. Also included on the reverse is the inscription WINGED VICTORY and The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark.

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