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  • Country: Cook Islands
    Year: 2015
    Face Value: 5 Dollars
    Metal: Silver
    Fineness (purity): 925/1000
    Weight: 25g
    Diameter: 38.61 mm
    Quality: Proof
    Mintage: 2.000 psc

    Second coin in series, the Shades of Nature Butterfly: the laser technology creates intricate details and matt finish on coin surface. The coin is a superb example of micro minting. The butterfly, with all its details, seems to be real!

    The coin reverse depicts a dual-color image of a high detailed butterfly. The silver coin is created in laser micro minting technology. Laser technology has become an indispensable tool in numerous branches of industry and is ideally suited to create intricate detail and matt finish on metal surfaces. We strikingly demonstrate the possibilities of laser surface refinement on our newest release – the Shades of Nature Butterfly. The coin obverse depicts the effigy of Her Majesty Elizabeth II.

    The Butterfly
    The Blue Nawab or Polyura schreiber is a butterfly which is mainly found in Singapore but also in other tropical areas in Asia. The colourful insect stands out with its eye catching pattern and a wingspan of up to 115 mm.
    The green caterpillars are particularly remarkable. They weave a silk resting place on a few leaves of the plant they inhabit. This is where they rest during the day, in order to recover from their nightly feasting tours.

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  • Country: Cook Islands
    Year: 2013
    Face value: 5 Dollars
    Metal: .925 Silver
    Weight: 20 g
    Size: 38.61 mm
    Quality: Proof
    Mintage: 2500

    The German artist Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) was a great painter, but also an important engraver. One of his most famous works is the “Rhinoceros“ woodcut. Dürer used an Indian rhinoceros, which the Portuguese King Manuel I. received in 1515 as a gift from India, as his subject. This living Rhino caused a tremendous stir in the Court of Lisbon and far beyond. The exotic animal’s description, along with a rough sketch, reached Nuremberg by mail, and there it inspired Albrecht Dürer for his work – it should be noted that he had never seen such an animal himself.

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  • Country – Laos
    Year –  2013
    Value – 1000 Kip
    Metal – Silver(.999)
    Weight – 31.1 g
    Diameter – 40 mm
    The obverse coin depicts the coat of arms of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic with the nominal value inscribed below the image.
    In the coin reverse there is an image of a colored snake on a glass; in top edge the inscription “The Year of The Snake”.
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  • Sagittarius
    (November 22 – December 21)

    Metal – .925 Silver
    Denomination (MKD) – 10 Denars
    Weight (g) – 21.00
    Size (mm) – 35.00 x 45.00
    Year of Issue – 2014
    Country – Macedonia
    Mintage – up to 7000
    Quality – Proof
    Exterior- Decoration Oval, Gilded, Dome Cobalt Glass Insert (18,4 x 6,1 mm)
    Package type includes – box , special capsule and a Certificate of Authenticity

    A coin series from Macedonia is dedicated to 12 signs of the astrological Zodiac.

    On the left hand side there is an image of a young girl shooting with a bow and arrow. On the right hand side there is a constellation corresponding to the Zodiac sign painted on a cobalt glass insert and surrounded by an ornament. At the bottom there is a coin name in Latin – “SAGITTARIUS”, together with the corresponding Zodiac symbol.

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Showing 25–28 of 28 results