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  • Are you looking for unexpected and fascinating examples of graphic design? Then visit the fruit section of your supermarket! Welcome to the exciting world of fruit stickers. These designs are colourful little works of art that make fruits like bananas and apples come alive!
    The free collectables are perfect if you have a passion for graphic
    design, or simply want to motivate yourself to eat more
    fruit. When you collect fruit stickers,
    the fruit section in your supermarket becomes your very own art gallery.
    Happy collecting!

    •61 pages for structured collecting
    •Marks for 6 big (e.g. banana) or 15 small (e.g. apple, orange) stickers per page
    •Space for up to 900 stickers
    •Overall format: 150 x 90 mm

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  • Magnifier glass with handle. acrylic lens with lens diameter of 50 mm (approx. 2″) and  magnification 3x and 6x

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  • Dark blue album for storing 200 coin holders. Features 10 sturdy, integrated sheets for 20 coin holders per sheet. Padded cover with silver-coloured embossing. Overall size: 245 x 307 x 40 mm

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  • Coin capsules for storing different extra-large coins / medals in one system. With 8 individually removable spacer rings for the fitment of coins / medals with a diameter of 42 up to 58 mm and a maximum height of 4,5 mm . Rings made of black foam (acid and softener free). Overall size: 67.25 x 67.25 x 7.8 mm

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  • Year 2023
    Metal Silver
    Silver Content (Troy oz) 1.000
    Monetary Denomination (AUD)1.00
    Fineness (% purity) 99.99
    Minimum Gross Weight (g) 31.107
    Maximum Diameter (mm) 40.90
    Maximum Thickness (mm) 3.50
    Proof coin Maximum Mintage 7500
    Proof Coloured coin Maximum Mintage 7500
    Gilded coin Maximum Mintage 25 000


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  • Specifications
    Metal – .9999 Silver
    Denomination (AUD) – 1
    Weight (g) – 31,107 (1 Oz)
    Size (mm) – 40,9
    Year of Issue – 2023
    Country – Australia
    Max mintage – 25 000 pcs
    Quality – Proof

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  • VOLTERRA  etui with mahogany grain finish for 1  bullion in blister packaging. Lid cushion upholstered in black satin. Black velour-like inlay with one cavity (86 mm x 54 mm). Incl. satin band for holding a certificate. Overall size: 120 x 90 x 34mm.

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  • Ring binder in bookbinder’s quality and bound leatherette cover. Holds up to 60 OPTIMA sheets (depending on strength of documents), sturdy 4 D-ring mechanism.
    Overall size: 245 x 270 x 55 mm

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  • Clear welded strips completely cover the inserted collection items, thereby offering optimum protection. Document quality: 100% free from chemical softeners and acids. 8-cm perforation. The clear C sheets allow one-sided storage, the double-sided black S sheets provide double capacity.

    Size: 242 x 312 mm

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  • Denomination (AUD) – 2
    Fineness (% purity) – 99.99
    Weight (g) – 62.213
    Diameter (mm) – 45,6
    Thickness (mm) – 6.5
    Mintage – 2,500


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  • Country – Australia
    Year – 2023
    Face Value – 1$
    Metal – Silver .9999
    Weight –1 oz
    Size – 40,6 mm
    Quality – Proof
    Max mintage – 7500 coins

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  • Additional pages for the Optima 2-euro collector coin album. Pre-printed sheets with illustrations and information about the respective year, taking into account all five German mints.

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Showing 25–36 of 352 results