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  • Elegant album in classic style with 100 integrated, clear sheets for 300 banknotes. Special protection with sheets that are 100 % free from acid and chemical softener. The album has a high-quality finish featuring seamed binding and a black leatherette cover. Sheet inner format: 184 x 97 mm (7 1/4 x 3 7/8″). Album overall size: 245 x 330 x 50 mm (9 2/3 x 13 x 2″)

  • Includes coin sheets and illustrated pages and important background information regarding year of issue, the coin motif and the issue occasion. Kept up to date thanks to annually released supplements. Overall size of album: 245 x 270 mm; overall size of slipcase: 250 x 280 x 60 mm.

  • Contents: 8 OPTIMA coin sheets and 8 illustrated pages. Contains the following themes: 2-euro joint issue coins commemorating “50 years of the Treaty of Rome”, “10th Anniversary of the EMU” and “10th Anniversary of the euro”, ”50 Jahre Élysée-Vertrag”and ”30 Jahre EU-Flagge”, ”100 Jahre  taking into account all five of the German mints (A, D, F G, J). Album includes matching slipcase.

  • For collecting a total of 57 2 euro coins, incl. sticker set with flags (multiple) of all euro countries for individually labelling the 2 euro coins.

  • Ideal for travelling and trading. Padded cover, striking lid imprint, overall size: 115 x 165 mm.

  • Coin wallet containing 10 coin sheets, each with space for 6 coin holders in format (50×50 mm).
    Overall size: 135 x 190 mm. Perfect for transporting your collection and displaying it on trading days. Free of chemical softeners, durable rigid PVC sliding inserts. Colour: dark blue

  • Coin wallet containing 8 sheets, each with space for 12 coins. With silver embossing „NUMIS“ on the lid and padded cover. Overall size:155 x 205 mm (6 x 8″). Perfect for transporting your collection and displaying it on trading days. Free of chemical softeners, durable rigid PVC sliding inserts.

  • Euro coin album in OPTIMA format incl. 5 OPTIMA coin sheets for storing 25 complete coin sets. Embossed euro sign on album cover in silver, black interleaves, illustration of all already existing euro coin sets.
    Overall size: 240 x 270 mm.

  • Bound leatherette cover with 4 D-ring mechanism.This ring binder holds up to 60 sheets (depending on the strength of documents) and fits all standard A4 clear plastic wallets, as well official GRANDE sheets. Incl. matching slipcase. Overall size: 295 x 335 x 70 mm
    Binder excl. coin sheets.

  • Bound leatherette cover with 4 D-ring mechanism.This ring binder holds up to 60 sheets (depending on the strength of documents) and fits all standard A4 clear plastic wallets, as well official GRANDE sheets. Incl. matching slipcase. Overall size: 295 x 335 x 70 mm

  • Multipurpose album MULTI in Classic-Design. For 200 postcards, FDCs, long FDCs, standard photos or 100 panorama photos. 50 fixed pockets, double-sided and transparent, black dividing sheets, 100 cardboard labelling strips, gold-coloured sticker set. Pocket size: 180 x 120 mm. Album size: 223 x 298 x 60 mm

  • Blue 4-ring binder with 7 sheets NUMIS (for 21 complete Euro coin sets) + set of colourful flag stickers with room for notations for 27 countries as follows: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain , Czech Republic, Hungary, Vatican and Cyprus.
    Sliding drawer windows are made of plasticizer-free and acid-free special foil. Embossed euro sign in silver on cover and white interleaves.

    Overall size:  215 x 230 x 48 mm

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