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UEFA 2016 – 100€ 1,8g .999 Goldr coin France 2016

Country: France
Year Of Issue: 2016
Denomination: 100 Euro
Mintage: 50,000
Alloy: .999 Gold
Weight: 1.8 g
Diameter: 16 mm
Edge: Plain/Smooth
Quality: Uncirculated

The obverse of the 2016 France 100 Euro UEFA gold coin illustrates the lower two-thirds of a football player running across a football field, his legs poised for kicking a ball. The UEFA logo is incorporated into the upper right-hand corner of the obverse, and below that element are the words “Euro2016 France” inscribed in two horizontal lines.

The background of the coin features a multi-elemental pattern featuring hexagonal and other geometric shapes symbolizing the joyous crowds and electric jubilation of the event.

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