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Orbit and Beyond: First Space Walk -1 Dollar .999 Silver coin Cook Islands 2009 (proof)

Orbit and Beyond Series celebrates the heroic accomplishment of Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, who became the first man to walk in space on 18 March 1965. Exiting the Voskhod II capsule 500km above Earth, Leonov floated in space for more than 10 minutes before attempting to re-enter the airlock. Alarmingly, his space suit had inflated, forcing the courageous cosmonaut to vent air before being able to squeeze back inside to rejoin compatriot Pavel Belyayev.

The coin’s reverse combines struck and coloured elements portraying a cosmonaut outside the orbiting Voskhod II capsule. The design, which includes the inscription 1965 – FIRST SPACE WALK, ‘orbits’ around a coloured image of Earth.

Each coin, which is protected by an acrylic capsule, is housed in an elliptical-shaped silver display case. The case comes in a blue box shipper with a lid depicting the famous cosmonaut.

Technical Specifications:
Denomination (CID) – 1 dollar
Fineness (% purity) – 99.9 silver
Weight (g) – 31.135
Diameter (mm) – 38.74

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