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NANO: Life Evolution – $10 .925 Silver Coin with Nano Chip Cook Islands 2015 (Proof)

542 million years of evolution on our planet: what fills entire libraries has been condensed by Coin Invest Trust on a single coin, compressed on a nano chip. Nano Life is the spectacular fourth representative of Cook Islands’ sensational Nano Series.
Country: Cook Islands
Face Value: 10 Dollars
Year of issue: 2015
Metal: Silver .925
Weight: 50 g
Size: 50 mm
Quality: Proof
Mintage: 1000 pcs

Distinctive features: Fourth issue of a highly popular series. Nano Chip. Customised box. Thanks to a special printing technique the water shimmers realistically.
Into the reverse a green nano chip is integrated, containing illustrations and brief descriptions. Below, the year of issue is stated, 2015. The depiction shows a colored tree on an island surrounded by water in shades of cyan. A reptile-like creature leaves the water and crawls onto the island occupied by apes and hominides walking to the left-hand side. Three pterosaurs are shown flying. The inscription at the top reads NANO LIFE.
The obverse shows the portrait of the head of the issuing authority, Queen Elizabeth II. The inscription states her name, ELIZABETH II, as well as COOK ISLANDS. Below, the face value is given, 10 DOLLARS.

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