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Exotic Butterflies 3D: Gold-banded Forester -1000 Francs .925 Silver coin, Central African Rep. 2014 (Proof)

Good news for butterfly fans: the three-dimensional butterfly from Coin Invest Trust is so true-to-life that it could almost count as a preserved specimen. The forth issue in the «Butterflies in 3D» series is dedicated to a particularly exotic species.
Country: Central African Rep.
Face value: 1000 Francos CFA
Year of issue: 2014
Metal: Silver .925
Weight: 25 g
Size: 38.61 mm
Quality Proof
Mintage: 2500 pieces

The obverse is decorated with a colourful butterfly in 3D. The delicate wing colouring runs from the inside outward and from light to dark blue. The broad orange-black stripes on the wing tips and the beautiful metallic shimmer create the characteristic play of colours of the Gold-banded Forester.

The reverse shows the coat of arms of the issuing authority, Equatorial Guinea, the official name of the state, Republic of Equatorial Guinea, above, and the face value, 1000 Francos CFA, below

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