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Exotic Butterflies 3D: Aporia crataegi – 500 Togrog .999 Silver coin Mongolia 2017 (Proof)

The final issue of the series was issued by Mongolia and revealed at the Berlin World Money Fair in 2017.

Country Mongolia
Year 2017
Face value 500 Togrog
Metal Silver .999
Weight 25 g
Size 38.61 mm
Quality Proof
Mintage 2500

Aporia Crataegi
Aporia crataegi, the black-veined white, is a large butterfly of the family Pieridae. It occurs in orchards and thickets throughout most of Europe, temperate Asia, Korea, and Japan. It is normally found at altitudes of 500 to 2.000 metres. The flight period of the black-veined white is between April and July. The adults are quite social and their abundance varies greatly from year to year. The eggs are laid on the food plant, usually a member of the rose family Rosaceae and often on trees in the genus Prunus such as the rowan or the bird cherry (Prunus padus), the hawthorns (Crataegus species) or the apple (Malus domestica). The eggs are yellow at first, darkening with age, and are laid in groups of 30 to 100. They take about three weeks to hatch. The caterpillars are greenish grey with transverse banding and tend to remain in a group with a communal larval web. The caterpillars overwinter communally in a webbing tent with entwined leaves. Caterpillars feed close together on the leaves of the food plant at first, before dispersing in the later developmental stages to other parts of the tree. The pupa is creamy white, marked with black, attached by a silken girdle to a twig. The pupal stage lasts about three weeks.

Issued by a different nation each year:
2011 Cameroon, 1000 Francs CFA
2012 Tokelau, 5 Dollars
2013 Andorra, 5 Dinar
2014 Central African Republic, 1000 Francs CFA
2015 Equatorial Guinea, 1000 Francos CFA
2016 Tanzania, 1000 Shillings
2017 Mongolia, 500 Togrog

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