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Eurostar: Master Pavol of Levoča – 10 Euro .900 Silver coin Slovakia 2012

Country: Slovakia
Year: 2012
Face Value: 10 Euro
Metal: Silver
Fineness (purity): .900
Weight (g): 18,00
Size (mm): 34,00
Mintage (pcs): 7 400

Pavol of Levoca, a medieval carver and sculptor of the 15th and 16th century, active mostly in the town of Levoča – formerly in the Kingdom of Hungary and in what is today eastern Slovakia and now UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. Little is known of him, due to a fire in the town in 1550, which leave his surname and his date of birth & death unknown. Surviving records and mentions of his earlier life conclude that he was born between 1470 and 1480 and that he died between 1537 and 1542. Master Pavol is most remembered for his most famous work which was completed in 1517. The altar in the St. James church in Levoča, which is a late Gothic-style altar and is the highest in height in Europe.

The Europa Coin Programme, also known as the European Silver Programme, or the Eurostar Programme,is an initiative dedicated to the issuance of collector-oriented legal tender coins in precious metals to celebrate European identity. The issuing authorities of EU member countries voluntarily contribute coins to the Europa Coin Programme. Multiple countries have participated in the programme, beginning in 2004. Some coins are denominated in euro, others are denominated in other currencies. Europa coins are legal tender
All the coins must bebe at least 900 fine silver and of proof quality.Coins should be approximately “crown sized” -this allows for national traditions and customs.Coins must show the Eurostar logo distinctly, and visible to the naked eye, but not be integral to the coin’s design.

• 2004 – EU enlargement
• 2005 – Peace & freedom
• 2006 – Distinguished European figures
• 2007 – European Realisation
• 2008 – Cultural heritage
• 2009 – European Heritage
• 2010 – European Architecture
• 2011 – European Explorers
• 2012 – European Visual Artists
• 2013 – European Writers
• 2014 – European Composers
• 2015 – Anniversary of the UN
• 2016 – Five Ages of Europe : Modern Age
• 2017 – Five Ages of Europe : Age of Glass and Steel

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