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2€ commemorative coin Malta 2018 – Cultural Heritage

Description: On 7 November 2018 the Central Bank of Malta issued the third €2 commemorative coin under the programme entitled ‘From Children in Solidarity’. The theme of this year’s coin is ‘Cultural Heritage’. This follows the coins entitled ‘Solidarity through Love’ and ‘Peace’.
The ‘From Children in Solidarity’ coin programme, which was officially launched in 2015, is an initiative undertaken by the Central Bank of Malta, in collaboration with the Ministry for Education and Employment and the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.
Designed by Nicole Dimech, who attends St Nicholas College, Middle School, Rabat, the coin depicts a collage of items associated with the Maltese islands: a stylized megalithic temple doorway, the sun, a church dome and spire, the sea and a representation of a Maltese boat flying the national flag.
Issuing volume: 300 000 coins
Issuing date: 2018

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