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2€ commemorative coin Finland 2017 – 100 years of Independence

Feature: The commemorative coin marks the 100th anniversarry of the Finnish indepenence. After the 1917 February Revolution, the position of Finland as part of the Russian Empire was questioned, mainly by Social Democrats. Since the head of state was the tsar of Russia, it was not clear who the chief executive of Finland was after the revolution. After several disagreements between the non-Socialists and the Social Democrats on the issue of who should hold power in Finland, the parliament, led by Per Evind Svinhufvud, finally declared Finland as an independent state, on December 6, 1917.
Description: The design is composed of many dots outlining the silhouette of the map of Finland. The text “Finland” in (Finnish and Swedish) and the years “1917” and “2017” (year of its independence and year in which the centenary anniversarry) is also shown.
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Issuing date: 2017

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