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2€ commemorative coin Estonia 2018 – Centenary of the Baltic States

The three small Baltic states will be celebrating their centenaries in 2018: Lithuania on 16 February, Estonia on 24 February, and Latvia on 18 November. The central banks of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will issue a specially designed two-euro commemorative coin into circulation in early 2018 to mark the anniversaries. The coins will be valid as legal tender throughout the euro area.
The small Baltic states have been constant in their defence of their independence, and within a short period 100 years ago, each one became a free and democratic country. Independence was regained again at the start of the 1990s. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have stood up for their shared values and have worked together to maintain their independence, freedom and sovereignty. The two-euro commemorative coin to be issued marks the shared history, values and efforts of the three countries and will act as a reminder of those values to the people of the rest of the euro area.
Mintage: 500 000 coins

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