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1. Terms scope and validity

1.1. Current terms apply to the customer after making a purchase from Mündipood OÜ-s webshop www.myndipood.ee (Mündipood OÜ registration code 11559006, address Pärnu maantee 238, Tallinn 11624).

1.2. Parties shall be guided by these Terms, the pricelist and the current legislation of the Estonian Republic in their mutual relations.


2. Purchase agreement coming into force

2.1. The purchase agreement of ordered products is considered concluded after the order is finalized by the customer and the order confirmation is sent by Myndipood.


3. The prices of products and services

3.1. The prices shown by the products are displayed in euros (€) and include VAT.

3.2. OÜ Mündipood has the right to make product price corrections informing customers about it on its website with the new price. If ordered, the customer will be guaranteed the ordered product prices applied at the moment of order finalization.

3.3. In case the price is not available or is €0,00, the correct price for the product is missing from our database and we ask you to contact us by phone or by e-mail to specify it. The corresponding order will be corrected and the order confirmation will be sent as soon as possible.


4. Goods receipt and payment:

4.1. Possible payment methods and shipping possibilities:

• Customer will receive the order at a store chosen previously. The payment can be made on site with cash, debit- or credit card, or prepaid with bank transfer.

• The order will be sent by choosen courier to the address (or Omniva package terminal) supplied previously. The order must be prepaid 100%.


5. Availability of goods

5.1. The availability of a product is described next to the specific product. The details on Mündipood website are supplemented when possible. Due to the time delay and possible inaccuracies between the database and the real Mündipood - and our suppliers stock, the Mündipood can not guarantee the availability of products. In such cases the Mündipood will immediately inform the customer and the further completion of the order will be settled according to the customers wishes and the possibiloties of the Mündipood.


6. Rights to withdraw the order by the customer

6.1. The customer has the right to withdraw the concluded purchase agreement 14 days after the goods have been received by the customer. 

6.2. To withdraw the agreement the customer must make a corresponding statement to the Mündipood and return the received products. 

6.3. The returnable product must not be used and must be with all the original markings and in its original package. 

6.4. If the condition of the returnable product has degraded, and it is degraded because of its unpurposeful usage, the customer must compensate the decrease in value.

6.5. Goods that have been ordered to fit specific personal requierments are not returnable.

6.6. If the customer wishes to withdraw the order, Mündipood will return ones money as soon as possible, but not later than 14 days from the withdrawal and the provision of ones bank account number.

6.7. The customer must pay the returning of goods.


7. Rights to withdraw the order by Mündipood

7.1. Mündipood has the right to withdraw the order, if the customer has not paid for the order on time, or the corresponding product has become exhauste.

7.2. Mündipood keeps the ordered products in stock for 30 days after informing the customer of the bundled order. Customers money, of which the handling- and storage fees are deducted, will be paid back on the basis of ones statement.


8. Warranty terms

8.1. Mündipood will give a warranty for the ordered products as provided by law.

8.2. Warranty will apply for the product only with the receipt. 

8.3. Warranty does not apply if the defect is due to the unpurposeful use of the product or normal aging. 

8.4. Warranty does not apply to the products marked with „defected“, "used", "sale off", "fixed", "sample" or „discount“. The price of the corresponding product has been lowered significantly.


9. Retention of title

9.1. Until the customer has paid the full price for the product, it remains to be the property of Mündipood.


10. Collection and use of customer information

10.1. Mündipood will not release customer information to third parties except transport services for delivering products to customers.

10.2. Mündipood will use customer information for sending advertisements and other information only if the customer has wished so.


11. Changes in the ordering terms and pricelist

11.1. Mündipood has the right to change and improve these ordering terms and pricelist.

11.2. Information about the changes will be available on Mündipood website www.myndipood.ee The changes in the pricelist will take effect immediately after they are made.

11.3. If the order is finalized before the changes, the previous pricelist and terms are applied to that order.

12. Disputes

12.1. On the basis of these terms the supervisory competence belongs to the Consumer Disputes Committee (CDC). 


13. Final provisions

13.1. These ordering terms and the purchase agreement are regulated by the Estonian Republic law.

13.2.If some of these provisions are trivial, they will not affect the rest of these ordering terms or the validity of the purchase agreement. The trivial provision will be replaced with a provision that is legally and economically the most similar and provided by law.


After purchase, the terms & conditions will be available at www.myndipood.ee